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Photocell optical sensor & Camera combination systems

Prices of complete PX systems from just $10,995

PX Product Overview

PX tracking systems start from just $ 1,299 - all supplied with TGC and RedChain software

You'll be up and running and playing the supplied E6 and RedChain golf within 30 minutes with our PX1 or PX2 systems.

All PX sytems use true feel grass mats

All PX systems run with E6, TGC, RC and PP game software

All systems are supplied with TGC "The Golf Club" 15 course base package software

Add TGC 100,000 course package for just $750 extra

Optical Sensor Club tracking Mat with FiberBuilt synthetic fairway grass top panels

Mat dimensions: H = 5.5cm - 2 1/4" W = 30 cm - 12" L 61 cm - 24" Weight 7 lbs

Our manufacturing and assembly time for the PX2 sensor mat exceeds 8 hours per unit

PX systems function with all GSA Golf software

PX systems are compatible with any of our ball tracking cameras so you can add these on later if required

with single course software (RedChain and E6 trial)

PX2 price from $ 2,299.00

System includes TGC 15 course software plus Redchain 18 hole course

The PX2 can be added to any camera system we offer

PX2-A price $ 3,499.00

Easy installation and play system.

The PX2-V captures all shots from 200 mph drives to 2 inch putt ins

PX2 + Vcam + Trigger array + Stance mats

System includes TGC 15 course software

Over 120,000 Game Software courses available

$ 4,299.00

PX5 systems combine PX2 club tracking mats with CX2 ball tracking cameras

PX 5 is a professional golf simulator system with full club tracking and 3D dual camera ball tracking

The PX 5 can be used with both left and right handed players and allows the ball to be played from fairway, rough, sand and green surfaces

System includes:


$ 5,999 / $3,999 kit price

PX2 with CX2 and single course software (RedChain )

System includes TGC course software

System detects putting with the cameras. No need to purchase an extra putting mat !

Kit price $ 3,999

read more about kits at the bottom of this page

All PX systems function with all GSA Golf software

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  • Important advantages with this system compared to others on the market in this price segment:
  • System does not confine you to hit the ball from the same spot so you can play from other simulated surfaces such as rough, sand and greens.
  • Especially putting and chipping is a pleasure.
  • Unlike other systems, our cameras detect all shots including putts and so does not require extra putting sensors.

More PX systems are also avaiable

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Warranty and Support

One year full warranty plus life time free e-mail support

Life time free GSA Golf software updates

No maintenance costs. No subscription fees.




Check out our bargain basement for possible lower prices

GSA Golf CX golf simulator kits and components

CX components can be used to build the complete GSA Golf golf simulator camera tracking system at a far lower price than the ready made system price

Click above to read more about GSA Golf components and kits



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