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Test results of CTS & Vistrack Software 15.12.25

CP version

Improved Black and Gray iron club face detections

Black drivers with and without white stripe

Left: Rough looking iron face detected - Right: Club hosel is now detected and eliminated from face point detection

Issue yet to be resolved: Reflections from the flash on black gloss drivers. Quick fix for the moment: Apply a thin strip of black self adhesive felt to the leading edge of the driver.

Important tips: Ensure that grass mat appears reasonable bright as in the above images. Adjust camera gain achieve this.

Ensure that club image size is large: Adjust lens zoom to achieve this.

CTS club detection using IBS

Using IBS (image background suppression) the CTS can now detect any club no matter what its color is or how dark it is or what ever color variations appear on the club

Even woods made of real wood with no metallic faces can be detected.

Note that the new IBS feature is in beta test mode only until further notice


The new CTS color club tracking software now detects face angle of drivers/woods that don't have bright metallic faces or a white stripe on them. (Image left)

In addition, the club type (wood or iron) can be detected and whether or not the club has a white stripe on it.

The CTS software has now been modified to detect accurate club data with clubs like the M1 driver from Taylor Made that feature a dark club face and a white top.

The new CTS software mod scans the club image to determine the color of it's top and accordingly changes the face detection to this color. Face angle detection is then the transition points to this color instead of the face itself.

The new method also works with pink clubs.