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Basic assembly instructions

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Assembly instruction steps and links

Screen frame assembly instructions

Track drape enclosure screen mounting on the box frame

All screens are supplied with tube box frame fittings

The box frame is self standing but can be fixed to the floor and/or rear wall using 1 inch diameter tube clamps

Note! All screens are supplied with the above shown frame fittings but we don't supply the EMT conduit tubing as freight shipping these inexpensive items is too costly

1inch diameter EMT conduit piping is available at all good hardware stores (Lowes or Home Depot etc) for around $8.00 per 10ft length.

You'll need 13 of them for the complete box frame.

Frame size to Screen size

The frame should be around 2 inches per side greater than the screen size.

i.e. if the screen size is 12 ft x 9 ft (144" x 108") then the frame should be 12ft 4" x 9ft 4" (148" x 112").

The screen box frame assembly is quite straight forward but does require a little bit of effort and measuring

Start by cutting the conduit EMT piping to suit your screen size width and height and the EX pipes to suit your box depth requirements (usually from 1ft to 4ft).

The conduit pipes come in 10ft lengths so for a 12ft wide screen, the horizontal pipes

(HLB 1, HLB 2, HLF 1,HLF 2 and HUB 1, HUB 2, HUF 1 and HUF 2)

will be cut to 6ft each and for a 15ft wide screen they will be cut to 7.5 ft lengths each.

Build up the box frame as shown in the above image. Start with the floor level horizontal pipes and fittings,

then attach the vertical (VB 1, VB 2 and VMB ) pipes

and finally the upper level pipes and fittings HUB 1, HUB 2, HUF 1 and HUB 2.

Once the box frame is made up, you can start attaching the screen using the supplied bungee cords.

(see below on how to mount the screen with the bungee cords)

If you find that the box frame is slightly too small then you can extend the tubes an inch or two out of the fittings to suit.

If the box frame is too large then the pipes will have to be cut down in length to suit.

For added stability you can secure the frame to the floor and/or back wall with 1 inch diameter pipe clamps.

14 10ft lengths of piping is supllied with the F3 for the box frame screen frame

How to mount the ceiling drape

The ceiling drape is sandwiched in between track and the ceiling.

To do this, first mount the tracks loosely to the ceiling using just two screws at both ends of a 5ft length of track..

Note that the drape tracks come in 5ft or smaller lengths so you will doing this in 2 stages if your ceiling drape is 10ft or more deep.

Then - with the help of second person holding the weight of the drape - pass one end of the drape between the track and ceiling while

allowing enough drape width to cover the two ends of the track.

Leave some overhang and screw the other track screws through the drape to the ceiling so that the drape is pinched between the track and ceiling.

Remove the two end screws and spread the drape over the track ends and again fasten with the screws.

Do the same for the other side ensuring the ceiling drape is straight and not too tight.

It's recommended to loosely hang a drape ceiling when using side track drapes so that the drape absorbs the energy of high lofted balls and don't hit a hard ceiling.

Ceiling drape black angled profile

2 X 10ft lengths


Camera Systems

Click above if using the new VisTrak system

F3 CX3 Camera wiring


F3 VisTrak IR Stereo systems

CX Lighting

The CX3 lighting consists of:

1. A ceiling mounted 12v IR LED or Halogen lamp mounted next to the Hcam

You can choose between IR LED or Halogen lighting for the Hcam.

Some say the results are better with halogen light but halogen light is visible light to the eye so may be a distraction in the enclosure.

2. A ceiling mounted Halogen lamp mounted directly over the Ccam trigger mat

3. A floor mounted IR LED mounted next to the Vcam

Non reflective flooring

Note that non-relective flooring is required for the stereo cameras to function

The above image shows a ball trace being well detected from the stereo cameras with the use of non-reflective flooring.

It is essential that the flooring is non-reflective! And that there are no reflective objects in the valid field view of the cameras.

A recommended carpet is : Beaullieu of America - Type: Dayside Ebony, Product 6670-890 which is available at your local Home Depot store at around $4.00 a ft 6ft wide.

This carpet is also very good for lining the inside of your enclosure. Especially for the wall opposite the vertical camera.

You do not have to carpet the complete enclosure: only the part in the valid field of view of the camera.




F3 Golf Simulator

What's included ?

Cameras - CX or VisTrak

Standard CX cameras

VisTrak cameras

The below listed PC's and Projectors are optional extras

Purchase these standard items on Amazon

Padded turf grass flooring

Note ! Max turf roll width is 15ft for regular padded turf carpeting.

If using our camera systems then the special (low reflective) turf carpet we use roll width is only 12ft.

This means that if you want a greater width than this (e.g. 16ft wide) then extra pieces will be shipped to make up the full width and there will thus be joins.

Oak turf carpet wood transition trim

Custom size high quality 3 layer premium impact projection screen with bungee cords


Impact screen frame and fittings plus screen valance rolls

Note: The 1inch diameter conduit steel required to build the frame is supplied by Home Depot.

If you do not have a local Home Depot store near you then they will not offer shipping.

In this case you will have to make arrangements to pick up the order yourself.

Enclosure track drapes

Hi-end software options with over 100,000 golf courses

All F series golf simulators include fairway grass hitting mat surfaces

All F series golf simulators from F3 upwards include simulated rough and sand surfaces

Tracking systems

Click the above button to see what's included with your tracking system

Warranty and Support

One year full warranty plus life time free e-mail support

Life time free GSA Golf software updates !

No maintenance costs ! No subscription fees!

Other than the tracking cameras and or sensor, cables, lighting and software

(which are listed in the camera shipping lists)

The F series golf simulator additionally includes the following:

Minimum enclosure size requirements

10ft wide - 12ft deep - 8.5ft high

All systems are custom made to fit your size requirements but sizes shouldn't be much less than the minimum sizes as stated above.

Minimum distance cameras should be mounted from the screen: 5ft

If cameras are mounted closer to the screen than 5ft then light reflected from the screen will / may get into the line scan camera and thus won't function correctly.

It may be possible to mount the cameras a bit closer than this but we cannot then guarantee that the system will work





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