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Installation and setup instructions

In addition to the cameras, Xenon flash units and system circuits there is also a 20 watt halogen lamp in the top unit that illuminates the trigger mat

The KX PSU (power supply unit) consists of 4 * 12v 5 amp power adapters inside a single case

1 power cord connects to the lower unit and the other 3 to the upper unit

USB cables

There are 3 USB cables - 2 from the top unit and 1 from the lower - that have to be connected to the PC

Trigger mat stereo cables

There are 2 trigger mat stereo cables - 1 connects from the trigger mat itself to the lower unit and the second comes out of the lower unit and connects to the upper unit

KX Cameras

The KX 3 uses 3 cameras to capture 5 high speed freeze frame images of both the ball and club

Frame 1 : Ball on tee or mat - side view

Frame 2 : Ball in flight after impact - side view

Frame 3 : Ball on tee or mat - top view

Frame 4 : Ball in flight and club after impact - top view

Frame 5 : Club just before impact - top view

The upper cameras in the KX are a VisTrack system that captures 2 frames of the club ( at and after impact) for club face angle, path and speed

and two frames of the ball for ball path


KX Trigger mat

All KX systems are supplied with a FiberBuilt 24*12 inch fairway grass trigger mat

Why use a trigger mat ?

In order to trigger the KX cameras at very precise points - e.g. club face 1 inch ( 2.54 mm) before impact to the ball - a very fast and precise trigger mechanism has to be used.

At present, the only practical way of achieving this is to use a single optical sensor embedded into the hitting mat.

Can I use my own mat ?

You can fit the trigger sensor to any mat that can have a hole drilled into it.

What happens if the sensor gets damaged ? Do I have to purchase a complete new mat

No. A replacement sensor costs just 22 cents that can easily be fitted