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VisTrak LX high speed single camera launch monitor

HiRes LX hi-resolution dual camera launch monitor

$ 2,199.00

LX & KX launch monitors detect all shots! from 2 inch putts to 200 mph drives


Play all shots on over 150,000 golf courses with the LX & KX launch monitors

The LX & KX launch monitors feature high speed image processing and built in LED lighting

Spin rates captured from 1 rpm to 25,000 rpm

600 fps camera. Frames captured every 0.0017 seconds (1.7 ms)

No lag time !

In contrast to another well known launch monitor that has a whopping 3 second plus lag time

the GSA Golf LX has near zero lag time between striking the ball and the ball launching in the game software.


VisTrak LX high speed camera launch monitor

LX HiRes hi-resolution dual camera launch monitor

What's the difference between the two version of the LX ?

VisTrak LX

uses the VisTrak high speed camera. This system can be used as a stand-alone system and features video swing playback.

HiRes LX

uses dual triggered hi-resolution cameras.

This system is used as an add-on to the VisTrak Eagle and is triggered by the VisTrak Eagle.

Both versions are the same price.

VisTrak LX Data captured : Ball spin, launch angle, ball path and speed plus club speed and angle of attack.

Hi-Res LX Data captured : Ball spin and launch angle.

LX VisTrak High speed camera Launch Monitor

No special balls required! No dots required on balls!

The VisTrak LX detects spin rates with regular balls

The above images show how the LX sees ball markings on the ball in order to measure spin rate.

Either our special spin dot balls can be used or regular balls with a black logo can be used.

In addition to ball speed, launch angle and ball spin, the new VisTrak LX now also captures club angle of attack (AOA) and club speed.

With the LX's shot video playback feature and near zero lag time between ball strike and ball launch in the game software,

the new VisTrak LX launch monitor - priced at just $1,699 - has a major competitive edge over its competitors.

VisTrak LX - Ceiling mounted

VisTrak LX is two systems in one

The VisTrak LX can be ceiling mounted so that it functions as a regular VisTrak Eagle

or floor mounted so that it functions as a regular Launch monitor with measured ball spin.

Just add the VisTrak spot light ($199) LED spot

Click the above images to read more about the VisTrak Eagle

VisTrak LX Green LED Light

The green LED light on the VisTrak LX is programmed to indicate the following to the user:

1. Fast blinking (2 times a second): The system is looking for a ball in the ball launch zone

2. ON: the system has detected the ball and is waiting for the swing

3: Slow blinking (once per second): A shot has been detected and the system is waiting for a "next up" after the ball lands response from the game software.

4: Slow and fast blinking: Error - Something went wrong with the shot detection ( e.g. Insufficient club or ball data).


VisTrak LX Green Laser

For those that will be using the VisTrak LX ceiling mounted

and fear getting a stiff neck having to constantly look up to an LED light on the ceiling,

a programmable laser can be added that projects the green spot indicator onto the floor.

Note that audible signals and voices (i.e. "Ball detected. Ready for swing" etc) are also generated but some may find these irritating after a while.



LX Pro putting

The LX features video playback for every swing


The LX runs and interfaces with E6, E6 Connect, TGC, Perfect Parallel, Red Chain and ProX game software

VisTrak systems run with all the above software options

All VisTrak systems come with a standard single 18 hole golf course game software package at no extra charge.

Note that every hole in the standard software can be used as a driving range too!

Add the stunning 4K graphics TGC 15 course software for just $299 extra.

Click the above image to read more about TGC golf simulator game software



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