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Vcam C

The Vcam C is a ceiling mounted vertical launch angle detection camera.

It is either an Add-on to VisTrak Base or VisTrak IR system.

The Vcam C is a high resolution camera that measures the ball image size of the ball in flight

and translates this size to a ball height that is then used to calculate the launch angle of the ball.

The system functions for both left and right handed players.

$ 999.00

Price includes USB over Cat cable for a total length of 25ft

The Vcam C is a standard feature of the VisTrak IR VC and VisTrak Vcam C systems

The Vcam C uses a 25mm lens for close up hi-resolution images of the ball

Initial Setup Process


Ensure that the ball size has been correctly detected as in the above screen shot.

Manually setting the ball launch position

Ball launch position is usually automatically set from the "Capture Distance" but you can also set this manually.

The problem with this though is that the ball on the mat probably won't be in the FOV of the camera so you'd have to measure it.

Set the "Manually set Launch Position" setting ON for this option to be active.

Capture Distance

As the VisTrak camera will send a trigger signal to the Vcam camera immediately after it detects a ball strike,

a trigger delay time has to be set on the Vcam in order to allow the ball some time to move forward away from the club and gain height.

In the Setup window

Select "Use Speed Trigger" and set capture distance to around 3ft

(with up/down arrow keys on keyboard)

The capture distance is the distance the ball has traveled forward.

In order to calculate the vertical launch angle, both the ball height and the distance forward has to be known.

Vcam C Calibration table

The default calibration table was made with the camera mounted at a height of 8.5ft.

Re-calibration shouldn't be necessary as the table is essentially linear.

Table adjustments

You can also manually edit the "ball size to ball height" table.

Global Height Increment adjusts the cm increment size per row.

e.g. instead of 2 cm height increments per row, you can set the table to 3 or 4 cm increments per row.

Mounting the Vcam C

Aiming the Vcam C camera

The Vcam C camera should point directly down over the capture distance point

- which is usually around 3ft ahead of the ball strike position.

Note that this is in contrast to the VisTrak camera that is aimed back at the strike position.

The Vcam C is mounted next to the VisTrak Eagle Base or VisTrak IR

If using a VisTrak IR VC, then the Vcam C is already mounted in the LED panel

Vcam C frames

The Vcam C captures 2 frames of the ball.

1. At floor level before ball strike

2. Shortly after ball strike

In frame 1, the size and position of the ball image is captured when the VisTrak camera detects a ball on the hitting mat.

In frame 2, the ball image is captured shortly after ball strike

and its size and position is compared to the size and position it was in frame 1.


Alternative vertical launch camera systems

CX Surround

Stereoscopic camera system

$ 2,999.00


A floor mounted camera that views the ball from the side.

$ 999.00






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