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Automatic Course Generation


Pro-X allows you to create full 3d graphic golf course models from a simple course hole overview layout at the touch of a button!

Turn this

(for example ) your Score Card Images

Into this!

A full detailed computer 3d model of the course ready for use in the Pro-X Golf Simulator or the Galileo Game Playback Analysis System



For the Auto 3d Model Course Generation to work the system requires a 2d image of each hole with each surface type set to a certain color.

The image can be manually painted in a graphics tool such as PhotoShop or from a scan of an overview of the course.

ie from a score card

  1. Go into the Auto Course Generation Mode in and select the new course hole.

After entering the course name the system will generate a series of 18 folders (Hole 1 to 18) and generate the SurfaceMap Templates.

You use these templates to paint the the course hole layout.

2. Scan score card image and open in PhotoShop


2. Load the hole SurfaceMap template (located in the courses\coursename\hole(n) folder) and the 

GGS Surface color palette (located in the courses\textures folder)

Note: The palette includes surface type colors that contain trees and plants too.

3. Select, copy and paste the hole image in the score card into the SurfaceMap template.

4. Adjust pasted score card image size to correct scale.

Note: To scale a layout image that you want to paste into the surface map template proceed as follows:

Ensure that at least one distance in the layout is known. ie the distance from one tee box to the middle of the green.

Measure this distance in Photoshop in pixels. (to do this switch on the Photoshop Ruler and Grid. Right click the ruler now appearing in the image and set to Pixels)

Example:  if the known distance from the white tee box to green is 412 yards and this distance is 842 pixels measured in the image, then divide the 842 by 412 to get the current pixel/yard ratio.

842 / 412 = 2.04368

then divide 8 by this ratio

8 / 2.04368 = 3.9145

and then multiply by 100 

3.9145 * 100 = 391.45%

to get the percentage the layout image has to be increased in order that it matches the surface map template scale.

Open the Resize Image window in Photoshop and set the scaling factor to Percentage and enter the scale value. ie 391.45% in this case.

Select the image and copy, paste into the Surface Map template.

5. Using Photoshop's pipette and Select drawing tools,

select each surface type and replace with appropriate GGS surface color.

6. Save the surfaceMap template

8. In the Create a new Golf Course window, select the tree library ( Tropical, North American, European) and terrain type (low, medium or high)

(optionally also Sky and Panorama)

9. Select the Hole and press the Create Selected  button

The Create Course Hole Model procedure creates:

all surface textures, basic terrain including water ponds and bunkers, light maps and tree shades, water reflection models, 2d overviews

and plants all trees, plants, tees, flag etc.

The course hole is now ready to play, however, using the course design tools you can enhance and change anything at will.

This includes the panorama, sky, objects (moving, adding or deleting trees etc... ), adding 3d Models (bridges, benches, buildings etc...) and adjusting the terrain with the terrain editor.

This hole contains over 3000 planted trees and plants and was created in 10 seconds from a single layout file.