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Multiple PC setup instructions

View all data instantaneously after every shot

Note: This new feature is only available on CP version or higher

The following setup procedure only needs to be done once.

After which all configurations and connections will be performed automatically when starting the Control Panel


Note that Slave PCs don't have to be high end gaming PCs

We've tested and found that a basic mini PC for just $199 functions just fine as a slave PC


On all "Slave" PCs, select what function the salve PC should have in the Setup window. i.e. 

On the "Master" PC, select the system you have. i.e. CX4, CX6 etc

Click on the Master/Slave setup button



Note that a green LED symbol will light on both the master and slave Control Panel's buttons when a successful connection has been made

Also note that slave functions appear in orange on the Master PC


The special "Null modem" USB cable required for multi-PC setups is a available at www.mouser.com


Example setup

In this master slave setup example we have 2 slave PCs connected to the Master PC

The Master PC is setup as a CX6 and the ball tracking cameras (V and H cams) are being processed on this master PC

Slave PC1 is a Bcam Pro ball spin dual camera system

Slave PC2 is a CTS dual camera club tracking system

In the master setup window, 2 slave PCs have been selected

The Windows device manager shows that the link cables from the 2 slave PCs are connected to COM3 and COM9 ports on the master PC

In order to determine what COM port each slave PC is, only connect one link cable to the master PC first

In this example Slave PC1 (the ball spin system) is connected to COM 3

and Slave PC2 (the CTS Pro) is connected to COM9

To setup the master PC, select Slave PC 1, select BcamPro and select COM 3 then press the "Connect to COM port" button

You should see the port is successfully opened

Again on the master PC, select Slave PC 2, select CTSPro and select COM 9 then press the "Connect to COM port" button

Note that the PCs will automatically connect to these ports when starting the PC so you only have to do this setup procedure once.

The "CTS_BS_Wait Count" is the number of counts (time) that the master PC should wait for the slave PCs to send their data to the master PC

when the master PC detects a shot from the ball tracking cameras.

i.e. should the slave PCs - for some reason - not send any data after a shot is detected by the master PC after this time , then the ball will launch without the Club and ball spin data.

Finally, on the master PC, switch "This PC is:" back to Master PC

On slave PC 1 select "This PC is" Slave PC 1 and select the function as BcamPro

Check the Windows Device Manager to see which COM port is being used on the slave PC and connect to it

On slave PC 1 select "This PC is" Slave PC 2 and select the function as CTS Pro

Check the Windows Device Manager to see which COM port is being used on the slave PC and connect to it

In both these slave PC examples, COM 3 was being used.

Finally, ensure that the Master button is ON on the master PC and the two link cable connection status LEDs are green

And that the Slave button is ON on both the slave PCs and at least one cable connection status LED is green

Your system should now be ready and you should see on the master Control Panel that both CTS and Ball spin data is received after a shot.

Our Bench testing the CX6 - 6 camera - 3 PC setup

To save us from constantly having to hit balls, we setup 6 cameras with 3 PCs in the office and used a 3 channel optical sensor trigger to simulate shots.

Some 50 hours were spent testing the CX6 multi PC system here

The 6 cameras were aimed close to a small black board and fairway grass panel with strips simulating ball traces and clubs, and a small white ball to simulate ball spin data capture.