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GSA Golf Customer Testimonials


The CX3 / F3 is as realistic a ball flight as I have ever seen!


Russell Quigg - "On the Tee" commercial indoor golf center, Massachusetts

Hey Martin !
I have my cameras officially set up 13.5 feet apart and it is awesome! I did leave the IRs in the original spots about 3 feet apart. Launch angles are much more accurate.

Only a small difference between LA and Raw LA. I used an online right angle calculator and the only thing I did was take it down 1* from what LA was reading.
I did have to slow my shutter speed to 7100. And I am now making small adjustments because every once in a while my wedge will enter the FOV again (which I had perfected in 5.5 foot setup.) So just a few small adjustments angling my line scan a hair further back and sliding the FOV a tiny bit.

My BIG breakthrough was with the PX mat!

I decided since the shaft’s shadow was picking up and always reading wide open to put my ball just off center of tee holder and also angle my halogen light towards me. This way the shadow of the shaft never is able to be sensed no matter how much shaft lean.

So my report is I am loving it!!! Feels even more accurate. Club readings, ball readings, putting have all been awesome as of my initial few hours with the new setup.




I played my first round on TGC last night. It was fantastic.
Thanks for all of your help. I surely can recommend GSA.

Keith S. Canada CX2 with TGC


The new beta CP seems to be working well. All shots were detected. I only had one over-run out on the GSA Golf simulator that wasn't consistent with the reported ball speed. I suspect the spin rate may have been way off on that shot.

I am seeing fades and draws in the ball flight, which I wasn't on earlier beta CP versions. Dave, KS / LXPro

Dave, KS LX Pro

... the system works really well. Great updates to the Control Panel!
Thank you,

CX System

Philipp Albrecht


I just wanted to tell you I did all the last things you suggested including the new CP and I was able to play my first 18 hole round ever! I played Kapalua Village.

Thanks for all your continual help.

Joe Karpinski
Associate Lecturer & Program Coordinator
Construction Management
College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology
Kent State University

CX System


I am very much enjoying my system. The feedback I'm getting is helping to make my full swing much better. Thank you.

Mark, OH

CX system

I wanted to share that the LX unit is working great. I am getting one hour practice sessions in nearly every day with no or only an occasional undetected shots

(and they aren’t things of beauty or ones I want to include in my practice stats).

LX Pro

I have had the good fortune to be in a long-standing business relationship with GSA Golf Simulators of America.  I have put their simulators into an entertainment venue that my company has had a large part in outfitting.  Prior to committing to work with GSA, I did considerable research into a number of golf simulator companies and created a “short-list” for consideration.  In the end, my decision to run with GSA was influenced by a few factors which I am happy to share.

The first, as is often the case in a project with a fixed budget, was cost.  A continual frustration I experienced as I engaged in discussions with a number of golf simulator companies was the unwillingness of these companies to be upfront and honest in quoting the full cost for the purchase and installation of a golf simulator.   For example, I would receive a detailed quote for a couple of golf simulators.  However, it was not until much later in the process that I was made aware of extra charges, such as substantial maintenance fees, software licensing fees, installation fees, and even the need to purchase specific golf balls from the golf simulator manufacturer. 

I should point out that my company was not opposed to paying a premium for quality, but it was frustrating to not receive a straight-up answer regarding the full cost in order to purchase and install a simulator.  In contrast, I found my dealings with GSA to be much more straightforward.  The price I was quoted was the price of a simulator.  I had the freedom to change the system depending on my needs or what software I decided to run, and the price would change accordingly, but it was a straight-forward and clear process – I was never hit with last-minute cost changes.

Secondly, and very important for my company, was the fact that Golf Simulators of America’s owner are involved in its daily operations.  My company did its due diligence and it was a lengthy process in deciding which company to go with.  When I called Golf Simulators of America I always knew who would be answering the phone.  They were always very prompt in responding to my inquiries.  Some of the other companies had dealers/reps change multiple times over a six to eight month process. 

Additionally, and it may seem like a small thing, but I appreciated the fact that I was able to build a relationship with the owners of GSA.  My company is exceptionally proud of the manner in which it conducts its day to day affairs, and I believe that the relationship I have been able to cultivate with GSA is an example of how rewarding it can be – from both an economic and human-centered perspective – when things go right.

David Laville

Cogent Consulting, Inc.

Edmonton, Canada

System installed and sold by Golf Simulatrs of America, Naples, FL

I just wanted to send you a note of appreciation for all you two are trying to do to help me.

In the days of do the least it takes to get by, you folks have gone above & beyond the call of duty!

Laz has worked his tail off trying to make everything perfect, not just good, but perfect. The quality of his work in going the extra mile is so impressive.

I just couldn’t ask for more. I just wanted you to know just how appreciative I am of the effort put forth.

You guys are the best & if you need a reference please feel free to have them speak with me.

John Dickey

As I mentioned to you on the phone, I have one of your swing sensor mats which is a fantastic product! Accurate and fairly simple to use, it allows me to continue to play golf through the winter months here in Colorado. Before I purchased the mat, I researched every product available and one of the key aspect that made me settle on your was its modular nature. Beyond the cost of full simulators, for me a major consideration was the room they take up - I simply don't have that much space to permanently devote to one. With your system, I am able to set it up in less than 5 minutes, play for as long as I want, then easily take it down. I have my projector and halogen light permanently mounted to the ceiling, along with hospital ceiling track for the projection screen. I have a plywood mounted stance mat with a cut out to accept the swing mat. In order to use the system, I lay the stance mat down on the floor, slide in the swing mat, pull out the projection screen, connect the computer and I'm playing! All in less than five minutes. Putting it away is just as easy, and then I have my room back! Great system!

Ted, Colorado

Just thought I would drop a few lines to tell you how much I am enjoying my GSA simulator my wife purchased for me last year as a Christmas gift.For entertainment purposes, it is the hit of my neighborhood as we have golf night, at my house every week and I have guys standing in line to get into the foursome. Now for the best part, I have dropped my handicap 8 strokes and am starting to have more confidence all the time when I go to play at the "real courses". I started with just the sensor mat and hope to expand to ball tracking in the future. The graphics are wonderful and it feels like you're "at the real course". The feedback you get from the simulator has definately helped me to improve my swing greatly.

Thank You for all your hard work in developing this simulator, and I know that you are R&D ing new products to enhance the simulator as we speak so "Bravo" to Golf Simulators of America for developing an affordable, expandable golf simulator, with GREAT support, that I know that my friends, family, and I will enjoy for years to come.


Mark Henderson-LaBelle, Florida

Thank You for all your hard work in developing this simulator, and I know that you are R&D ing new products to enhance the simulator as we speak so "Bravo" to Golf Simulators of America for developing an affordable, expandable golf simulator, with GREAT support, that I know that my friends, family, and I will enjoy for years to come.


Mark, Florida

Hi, received and installed the GSA today. It's fantastic. Playing on Carnoustie right now. I live just 6 miles from there and have played the course a few times.The graphics are so accurate."

Bill, UK

".. these GSA courses are breath taking!"

Stan W. USA

I've always loved GSA Golf, but the latest update pushes it to the next level for usability and features. I can honestly say I'm 100% happy with this software – it works beautifully! Plus, some of the new courses released this year are spectacular renditions and have contributed greatly to an already outstanding course library. I am very impressed.

Rob H. Canada

can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying playing golf this winter with a foot of snow outside. I built my entire simulator by hand, converting what was once my front living room into a state of the art golf room. That sensor mat and software have been sensational. Working with the swing analysis has lowered my handicap from a 15 to a 12. Am shooting for single digits by spring.

It has been a great adventure, a challenge to build, but the reward of now playing almost every day is spectacular. I’m the envy of the neighborhood.



Amazing fun (going to finish my round at Turnberry tonight, can't wait to finish work haha). Also very surprising how poor my swing is looking at the photographic evidence, extremely beneficial tool and the whole setup has friends and family ooohhhing and aahhhing!