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HiRes LX hi-resolution dual camera launch monitor


The HiRes LX uses dual triggered hi-resolution cameras to measure ball lauch amgle and ball spin.

This system is used as an add-on to the VisTrak Eagle and is triggered by the VisTrak Eagle.

VisTrak Stereo floor mounted

hi-resolution dual camera launch monitor

The VisTrak Hi Res and the VisTrak Stereo when floor mounted are the same other than the case..


LX Hi Res Ball Markings

Regular balls with either a black logo or line can be used with the LX

However, special spin dot pattern balls that save the player

from having to bend down and line up the ball logo or line to the cameras can be purchased.

VisTrak HiRes images are hi-resolution providing great detail of the ball and its markings for ball spin detection.

The above shows the default camera settings for the cameras 1 and 2 in the CP - the ball spin and vertical launch cameras.

Camera 3 is the VisTrak camera when selecting VisTrak "Vcam B" or VisTrak "LX HiRes".

VisTrak: Multiple camera setups

The VisTrak HiRes is using 3 cameras:

1. The ceiling mounted hi-speed VisTrak camera

2. Two hi-resolution ball spin and vertical launch angle detection cameras.

When the system is functioning correctly, all status blocks of the cameras shown in the Control Panel's main window will turn from red to green

Camera assignments

It is essential that the correct camera assignments are made.

An error message is displayed if any of the cameras are incorrectly assigned.

Correct camera assignments for the VisTrak Hi Res are:

Cams 1 and 2 are the Hi Res ball spin cameras and Cam 3 is the VisTrak camera.

To check for correct camera assignments for the VisTrak Hi-Res,

go to the cameras window in the CP and successfully click on the cameras 1, 2 and 3.

If one of the these cameras is incorrectly assigned, a large error message will be shown.

If you find that cameras are not being assigned in the correct order then you can manually re-assign the cameras.

To do this, select the camera in the CP cameras window, hold both the shift and ctrl keys down,

and press the left or right arrow keys to move the camera up or down the sequence.

Fixed assigns

Ensure that the "Fixed Assigns" option in the camera 1 window is OFF when re-assigning camera functions.

When assignemnt adjustments are completed, switch this option back ON so that the camera assignements are stored.


... more instructions to follow