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Club tracking camera sample images

The club tracking camera shows photographic evidence of the club path (the green hair line crosses) ,

the club face angle just before and just after impact to the ball (the light blue hair line crosses)

and the resulting ball path.

Notice the how the ball path deviates from the club path and club face angle

Optical sensor club tracking systems are not capable seeing this ball path deviation

nor anywhere near the accuracy of the club face angle and club path detection of a camera system

This shot shows how the club path suddenly changes as the club strikes the ball.

Notice the extreme ball path deviation from the club path here.

Optical sensor club tracking systems from other manufactures don't see this at all and will report the ball path being the same as the club path.

Single Camera Club tracking without tracking dots

The CTS color club tracking software attempts to detect face angles of clubs that don't have tracking dots or stips applied to them but this cannot always be garaunteed to function