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System Installation & Setup Links




Verifying your current camera calibration

Click the above button to read about how to verify your current camera setup calibration

What installation pages do I need to read?

VisTrak Systems

CX Camera Systems


New control for Fade / Draw / Push / Pull / Hook / Slice ball trajectories with CX2

Click the above button to read how to setup the CX2 for fades and draws


Software installation and PX1, PX2, PX5 sensor mats


Club track camera installation


Ball Spin camera

KX installation and setup

VisTrack installation and setup

Multiple PC setup

Flooring Layout

For new installations, download and run the following programs and files

GSA Control Panel (CP) full version download

For new installations,

download and run the following CP full versions from the supplied link

Please note that software download links are no longer available directly from this website

Software download links are sent to you via email after product purchase.

Contact us if you haven't received them

After you have downloaded and installed the full version GSA Control Panel, download and install the below GSA Golf Control Panel updates

Click the above button image to download the very latest Alpha CP update

Note: the above are links to Control Panel updates only.

They require that the full version has previously been installed.

Without the full version installation, the CP application will not function.

GSA Golf Game

Note: If you encounter a windows error message stating that it could not find d3dx9_30.dll when starting GSA Golf,

download and copy the d3dx9_30.dll to your windows\SysWOW64 folder.

Download here d3dx9_30.dll

Download d3dx9_30.dll 64 bit version here d3dx9_30.dll

Full version GSA Golf/ RedChain software Download here GSA Golf Setup

GSA Golf camera Viewer and driver software

Camera Driver 2.11 33MB

FlyCapture Viewer 2.11

Your GSA Golf cameras require that the camera drivers are installed. If you missed this during the initial installation process then download and install the above linked software


The side mounted Vcam detects vertical launch angle and speed of the ball

The ceiling mounted Hcam camera detects ball path for normal shots

and ball path plus speed when putting

Ccam club path, speed and face angle


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