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Please note!

All KX systems are nearing End of Life and are now special order only

as these systems have been superseded by our CX2 and CX3 camera systems

Special KX orders may thus take longer to fulfill.

Click the above button to read more about our CX camera systems

The world's ultimate golf launch monitor !

featuring high speed photography (less than 30 millionths of a second freeze frames) club and ball tracking

Data captured with every swing:

Ball launch angle, ball spin, ball speed, ball azimuth (ball path), club speed, club face and club path

The KX can be used with a projector and impact screen for use as a golf simulator

The KX can also be used as a stand-alone system using a net and viewing the game and shot analysis on the monitor

An outdoor model is available for use on driving ranges

KX Cameras

The KX 3 uses 3 cameras to capture 5 high speed freeze frame images of both the ball and club

Frame 1 : Ball on tee or mat - side view

Frame 2 : Ball in flight after impact - side view

Frame 3 : Ball on tee or mat - top view

Frame 4 : Ball in flight and club after impact - top view

Frame 5 : Club just before impact - top view

The upper cameras in the KX are a VisTrack system that captures 2 frames of the club ( at and after impact) for club face angle, path and speed

and two frames of the ball for ball path

KX Trigger mat

All KX systems are supplied with a FiberBuilt 24*12 inch fairway grass trigger mat

Why use a trigger mat ?

In order to trigger the KX cameras at very precise points - e.g. club face 1 inch ( 2.54 mm) before impact to the ball - a very fast and precise trigger mechanism has to be used.

At present, the only practical way of achieving this is to use a single optical sensor embedded into the hitting mat.

Can I use my own mat ?

You can fit the trigger sensor to any mat that can have a hole drilled into it.

What happens if the sensor gets damaged ? Do I have to purchase a complete new mat

No. A replacement sensor costs just 22 cents that can easily be fitted

KX systems are now shipped standard with the "Wheel roller" stands.

All KX systems run with "The Golf Club" software

Add "The Golf Club" 70,000 golf course software for just $999 extra on all KX systems

All KX systems run with E6 and The Golf Club 70,000 course software

KX Speaker cabinet stand

The optional KX Hi Fi Speaker cabinet doubles as stand when not using the supplied wheel aluminum stand

KX installation and setup

And ! All KX systems run with the E6 software