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For those that prefer a portable system rather than it be fixed mounted on the ceiling,

the KX system others a viable alternative

where the LED IR light and camera is mounted on the underside of a PC monitor or speaker cabinet platform.

featuring the VisTrak high speed club and ball tracking cameras

Data captured with every swing:

Ball launch angle, ball speed, ball azimuth (ball path), calculated ball spin rate,

club speed, club face and club path

Max Height 33"

KX 2

dual camera system

Price $ 2,899

Dual camera system with vertical launch angle detection


KX 1

Single hi-speed camera with estimated vertical launch angle detection

Price $ 1,999



The KX can be used with a projector and impact screen for use as a golf simulator

or used as a stand-alone unit with the player viewing the game on the monitor

For those that don't want - or can't setup - a full golf simulator enclosure with projector and impact screen

the KX can be used as a stand-alone system using a net and viewing the game and shot analysis on the monitor

The KX can - however - also be used in a full golf simulator enclosure

The powerful 200 IR LED panel in the KX produces bright images of clubs and balls in the swing video playback.

Each VisTrak KX system comes with an E6 Connect

18 hole golf course and driving range (currently unlimited) trial software package

Add the TGC 2019 software for just $999 extra

KX Speaker cabinet stand

Optional hi-fi speaker cabinet that doubles as a KX stand - Height 42"

System comes with base plate and top platform and hi-fi sound amplifier for use as the golf simulator sound system

Price $ 399

Single stance mat and fairway grass panels with the rubber foundation

KX - What's in the Box

KX assembly instructions

1. Assemble the monitor stand as per the monitor stand instructions

but leave the two main upper and lower parts disconnected.

2. Bolt the lower Vcam camera to the underside of the monitor stand

3. Bolt the VisTrak camera to the underside of the monitor table on the post mount.

4. Peel back the industrial strength adhesive tape on the underside of the 200 LED panel and driver

and apply to the underside of the monitor table.

One side of the LED board is taped to the edge of the table post support

and the other directly to the table base so that it angled outwards.

Note that the adhesive double sided tape is heavy duty tape that can support 30lb weight.

Use the supplied cable ties to secure the power and USB cables to the monitor stand post.

5. Connect the two monitor posts together.

6. Install the VisTrak software

7. Place a golf ball on the usual hitting position.

Run the cameras in Video Stream mode to properly focus and aim the cameras at the ball

so that the ball appears in the ceneter of the screen.

Using the speaker cabinet stand