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VisTrak LX

Vertical launch, speed and ball spin detection


Single hi-speed VisTrak camera with swing video playback

Ball speed, launch angle, ball path, club speed, club angle of attack. Measured spin. Estimated club face and club path.


VisTrak LX Lenses

When the VisTrak LX is ceiling mounted, a 12mm lens is required.

When floor mounted, a 3.5mm lens is required.

To change the lens, simply unscrew it with the base. Note that you may have to refocus the lens when changing.

VisTrak LX Ball Markings

The above shows real balls - viewed from the side - with a back spin rotation and rotation axis shift.

Regular balls with either a black logo or line can be used with the LX

However, all LX's are supplied with special spin dot pattern balls that save the player

from having to bend down and line up the ball logo or line to the cameras.

When the VisTrak LX is ceiling mounted

it acts as a VisTrak Eagle

Click above to read how to setup the VisTrak LX as a VisTrak Eagle.

VisTrak LX Setup

The above shows what the VisTrak LX captures. It's just a small test chip but the results should be the same no matter what the shot speed is.

The image on the right shows what the default camera settings are now. Notice that camera gain is significantly lower when the LX is floor mounted instead of ceiling mounted (which is normally 17 db).

The IR LEDs in the LX are actually quite powerful but alas not powerful enough to illuminate the ball and club when the LX is ceiling mounted.

We're still working on alternative lighting for the VisTrak Eagle.

The above shows a close up of one of the 32 frames captured by the VisTrak LX.

In this shot, we used a range ball with a black line on it. The image shows that the LX detected the line angle in both frames and from this,

calculated the amount of rotation between the frames and thus the ball spin rate.

In addition, the ball launch angle and ball speed is captured as well as the club AOA and club speed.

Note that balls with a manufacturers standard logo on it can also be used (as long as the logo is black and well defined).

Example VisTrak LX video

Click above to download the sample VisTrak LX VisTrakVideo2.vid file.

Copy to the "C:\GSAgolf" folder.

(Note: ensure you are running the latest GSA Golf Control Panel update that creates this folder)

Start the Control Panel and - in the Setup window - select "VisTrak LX"

In the Camera window, set the camera settings as shown above ( or just click the "Defaults" button).

Then go to the "VisTrak" window in the Control Panel and click on the "Video 2" button to load the video.

You can then run and step the video back and forth.

... more instructions to follow