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Advanced Camera Golf Simulator technology

VisTrack systems use color cameras to capture club face angle, club speed, ball path, launch angle, ball speed and spin rates.

How VisTrack works:

Each VisTrack unit contains 2 high resolution cameras and 2 Xenon flash units

to capture 4 high speed freeze frame images of both the club and ball

One Vistrack is mounted overhead and the other at floor level

(some 5 to 10 feet away and to the side of the player)

The floor level VisTrack captures ball launch angle, ball speed and spin rate.

The overhead mounted VisTrack captures club face, club path, club speed and ball path.

In VisTrack's control panel software you can see real-time photographic images of the club and ball at the moment of impact


VisTrack runs with "The Golf Club" software

Add "The Golf Club" 70,000 golf course software for just $999 extra

VisTrack runs with all E6 software

VisTrack grass fiber hitting mats

Comes complete with Fairway true feel grass hitting mat 24" * 12"

All VisTrack systems come complete with a 12" * 24" FiberBuilt "TruFeel" hitting grass fiber mat system

VisTrack Systems will be available later this fall

Price is estimated at

$ 6,499.00