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Please Note: Due to the current world-wide chip shortage caused by Covid 19

all hi-speed cameras are in extremely short supply.

As of today (09/29/2021) we only have 5 hi-speed VisTrak cameras left in stock.

Next delivery is not expected before summer 2022

System features Line drawing and angle measurements

System records and saves swing video files at up to 265 FPS.

The 1000 frame videos can be saved and retrieved for individual players for a particular date.

Dual panels allow comparisons to be made of the same view angle or from two different view angles.

System runs with either the regular VisTrak hi-speed camera (color or mono, 280 FPS) or with the regular CX camera at 30 fps.

Playback and recording speeds can be adjusted. Plus the usual step/run forward, backward video controls.

Video Swing Capture using the VisTrak hi resolution color camera.

up to 280 FPS, unlimited video storage, auto playback, export to AVI, WMV formats, video editing and angle drawing,

500 frames per video, plus link to VisTrak ball and club tracking system.

Software is free of charge, no subscriptions.

(Unlike others, like Swing Catalyst, who charge $490 a year subscription fees plus another $590 or so for the camera)

System can be used outdoors on the driving range or with any other with golf simulator tracking system like Trackman, GCquad etc.

Single Hi speed color Camera, foot switch, tripod and software.

$ 1,699

Dual camera version

$ 2,999

Single WebCam version

60 to 120 fps color Camera, foot switch, tripod and software.

$ 299

Double WebCam version

with tripods, Lights and extended 25ft cat cables

Dual 60 to 120 fps color Cameras, foot switch, tripods, lights and software.

$ 799

GSA Golf Control Panel (CP) full version


The full version GSA Golf Control Panel runs with any web cam for swing playback


GSA Golf 18 hole golf software plus GSA Golf driving range

that can be played with the CP's mouse functions

plus E6 Connect trial that can be played with the CP's mouse functions


Note: this software is free of charge for all customers purchasing a GSA Golf tracking system

If purchasing this software first, then it will be refunded after the tracking system purchase

The "Using WebCam" option will switch ON automatically if no other cameras are detected on the PC or Laptop.

If you have other cameras connected to the PC but you want to use a webcam, then this option has to be switched ON manually.

System should run with any WebCam on the market.

Multi-camera support

You can now run the Video Swing Capture with 2 webcams simultaneously.

Switch the "Dual Camera Recording" option to record both video streams at the same time.

Switch off to record individual camera streams.

The full version system also captures ball Launch angle and ball speed

The Double Webcam version

can also be used as a ball tracking system in a golf simulator

Webcam ball and club tracking software

Click above to read more about the CX2 Webcam system ...