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F1B with VisTrak single camera ball and club tracking

$ 5,995

F1 with VisTrak single camera ball and club tracking

$ 7,995

F2 with VisTrak dual camera ball and club tracking

$ 8,995

F3 with "VisTrak Stereo" all camera ball and club tracking

$ 10,995

F3 with "VisTrak Surround" all camera ball and club tracking

$ 12,995

Note: Our credit card system has a $ 10,000 limit

so the payment for the F3 has to be split into two parts.

Payment 1

$ 9,995

Payment 2

$ 3,000

Please note - GSA Golf camera systems are not plug'n'play

GSA Golf camera systems have to be setup and that this setup procedure may take some time to complete.

Contact us if you prefer to pay with check or bank wire

We'll send instructions

Please note:

when ordering a GSA Golf F series golf simulator Online we'll need the following information from you:

You can amend this information to the "comments"

section of the credit card transaction form

or simply e-mail this information to us separately.

Likewise if you have any special requests or questions :

Just e-mail me at

Tracking systems

All F Series golf simulators come with VisTrak 1, 2 or 3 camera systems unless otherwise requested

The VisTrak LED Spotlight is supplied as standard

The VisTrak camera with IR LED panel is available for $999 extra

IR LED 800 Panel

Note: If purcasing the VisTrak IR this LED panel is already included

$ 999

without Blue Edge Lighting

$ 1,200

with Blue Edge Lighting


Raised platform wood flooring

The height of your flooring is determined by the height of the underlying framing.

Standard heights will be 2 to 4 inches using either 2x4 or 4x4 underlying framing.

Depending on the desired width of the finished wood edging, either single or double underlying framing will be required for the edging.

The Brazilian Walnut underlying frames should be screwed directly into the foundation flooring

and the top finish wood is adhered to the framing using strong wood adhesive.

Contact us with your required dimensions


Buy all materials - 8 x 4ft x 8ft plywood panels, 30 x framing 2x4 lumber and 2x4 walnut framing,

finished wood top edging 6 x 8" deep x 8ft

for the platform raised flooring up to 16ft wide - 16 ft deep.

Optional extra software options

The Golf Club

TGC Full 2019 version

$ 999.00


E6 Connect

E6 Connect 27 courses

$ 1,500.00


Shipping Leadtimes

Usually between 7 and 14 days

GSA Golf Sales Agreement

Please note that when purchasing any GSA Golf products

you are agreeing to our standard sales agreement as detailed in the below link