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Radar Launch Monitor Reader and Interface

The GSA Golf Control Panel LM Reader enables you to play simulator game software with your low cost Radar Launch Monitor.

Price of $99 includes free 18 hole golf course

Using the GSA Golf LMR (Launch Monitor Reader) feature of the GSA Control Panel with a simple WebCam that reads the shot data from the LM panel,

the system can send this data to the game software so that you see the flight of the ball and play a real round of simulator golf.

Two web cams can be used

1. Launch Monitor Panel webcam

This camera is aimed at the launch monitor panel and reads the shot data

2. Putting and Ball Path webcam

Should your launch monitor not detect ball path and putting then

this optional ceiling mounted camera can be used to capture ball path and putts

Any low cost ($30) webcams can be used

The GSA Golf LMR can be used with any launch monitor on the market today that displays shot data on its panel.

i.e. from a low cost $200 radar system to a $20,000 GCquad.

The LM Reader can positively identify any number within a data box.


No matter what size or color or font type.

The GSA Golf LMR interfaces with 5 different software systems

E6 connect, TGC, RedChain, GS Pro and ProX

Note that the LMR is currently in development.

Initial Beta version release date estimated : May 2022

$ 99.00

Click above to purchase the GSA Control Panel including all free updates.

LM Reader development

In order to locate the position and size of the Launch Monitor panel image, so called "Fiducial" markers are used.

These markers will assist the LM Reader to automatically detect the position of the launch monitor in the web cam frame images.

The distance these 2 markers are apart will also determine the scale of the launch monitor image.

Using this information, LM dependent data box preset templates can be positioned over the image of the launch monitor.

The above image shows how the LM Reader can now detect and convert images of numbers (in this case from the Mevo Launch Monitor iphone app),

into to real numbers that can then be sent to the game software (TGC, E6, RedChain, GSpro etc) in order to launch the shot.

The red numbers are the converted real numbers.

While I'm using the opencv template match functions to identify images of numbers, you can't just run these functions on an image of a data field that contains the complete number

as the function will only return a nearest match and not the first match.


e.g. if you're looking for the number 1 in the above data field box using a template image of the number "1", you'll definitely get a match,

but you won't know which number 1 in the data field it matched. ( most times it will not be the first number 1).


In order to solve this issue, I divide the image of the data field box into separate digit data boxes for every digit (including the decimal point).

I then run the template match function for specific numbers on all the separate digit boxes and thus am sure that I have a positive match

and know what position the number is in the whole number.

I can then build up and positively identify the complete real number.