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VisTrak Vcam B

Vertical launch and abll spin detection


3 camera system: Single overhead mounted camera (VisTrak Eagle)

plus dual vertical launch angle detection cameras with ball spin detection

Functions for both left and right handed players !


Vcam B images

The above shows real balls - viewed from the side - with a back spin rotation and rotation axis shift.


Vabm B Ball Markings

Regular balls with either a black logo or line can be used with the Vcam B

However, special spin dot pattern balls that save the player

from having to bend down and line up the ball logo or line to the cameras can be purchased.

VisTrak: Multiple camera setups

The VisTrak Vcam B is using 3 cameras:

1. The ceiling mounted hi-speed VisTrak camera

2. Two hi-resolution ball spin and vertical launch angle detection cameras.

When the system is functioning correctly, all status blocks of the cameras shown in the Control Panel's main window will turn from red to green

Camera assignments

It is essential that the correct camera assignments are made.

An error message is displayed if any of the cameras are incorrectly assigned.

Correct camera assignments for the VisTrak Vcam B are:

Cams 1 and 2 are the Hi Res ball spin cameras and Cam 3 is the VisTrak camera.

To check for correct camera assignments for the VisTrak Vcam B,

go to the cameras window in the CP and successfully click on the cameras 1, 2 and 3.

If one of the these cameras is incorrectly assigned, a large error message will be shown.

If you find that cameras are not being assigned in the correct order then you can manually re-assign the cameras.

To do this, select the camera in the CP cameras window, hold both the shift and ctrl keys down,

and press the left or right arrow keys to move the camera up or down the sequence.

Fixed assigns

Ensure that the "Fixed Assigns" option in the camera 1 window is OFF when re-assigning camera functions.

When assignemnt adjustments are completed, switch this option back ON so that the camera assignements are stored.

Vcam B trigger frame and trigger delays

The Vcam B is triggered to capture 2 freeze frames from the VisTrak Eagle camera.

It is important to set the timing of this trigger signal so that the Vcam B ball images are within the FOV of the Vcam B cameras.

If the trigger signal is fired too soon then the ball images will be before the FOV of the camera and if fired too late

the ball images will be beyond the FOV of the Vcam B cameras.

Thusly, the trigger signal has to be delayed somewhat but not be delayed too much.

There are two methods of delaying the Vcam trigger signal from the VisTrak Eagle:

1. Setting the trigger frame beyond the frame strike frame of 16

2. Setting a Vcam trigger delay in the Vcam camera window.

Both have the same effect.

Until we come up with recommended delay and camera trigger frame setting,

some experimentation will be required to get the settings just right.




You can now set which frame is used to trigger the add-on cameras (Vcam, Stereo, VcamB, HiRes).

The ball/club strike Frame is always frame 16. If "camera Trigger Frame" is also set to 16, then the add-on cameras will trigger immediately on ball/club contact.

If set to 32, the trigger will be sent after the video capture is completed. If set to 24, the cameras will trigger 8 frames after the initial ball strike frame.

The object here is to set a trigger delay that allows the ball to be within the FOV of the Vcam or Stereo cameras.

If set too low, the ball will only be seen at initial impact in the Vcam. If set too high, fast balls will be out of the FOV of the Vcam.

Note that the Camera Trigger Frame setting is in the "Adjust speed / carry distance" window.


... more instructions to follow